Founder Member: Members who are signatories of the incorporation document are Founder Members. (As all founder members have already obtained life membership, no renewal required. )

General Member: All the Nepali Internet users are eligible for the General Membership, subject to payment of 1000 NPR as membership fee.General Member shall renew their membership annually. Annual renewal fee is NPR 500.00.

Life Member: Any Nepali Citizen may receive a life membership after payment of NPR 10000.00. No renewal fee and procedure is applicable to  Life Member.

Associate/Institutional Membership: Any registered institution can be member of the ISOC it rate Nepal after payment of NPR 25000.00.

Honorary Member: Executive Committee may award Honorary Membership to any Nepali Citizen who has significant contribution in the development of Internet.


  1. Nepali citizens
  2. Has attained 18 years of age.
  3. Has not in mental disorder.
  4. Not convicted in public property embezzlement
  5. Has not convicted on criminal and corruption case
  6. Has not Conflict of Interest with the Organization.

Conditions when a person can not receive or remain member:

  1. Non Nepali Citizens
  2. Has not attained 18 years of age
  3. Has mental disorder
  4. Convicted in public property embezzlement
  5. Convicted on criminal and corruption case
  6. Has Conflict of Interest with the Organization.
  7. Declared Bankrupt
  8. Not completed at least one year of Conviction on fraud, theft, and corruption

Internet Society Nepal
Head Office: 014245841
Email: [email protected]

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